Cargo Services

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Loading Services

Events since the service regarding loading and unloading goods from ships for this handed to the owner ofthe merchandise.

Stevedoring, theactivities undertakensince theunload/loadinthe holduntil thereleasegancoshipat the particular dock.
Corgodoring, which iscompiledfrom thegoodsfromthe docktothewarehouse/ fieldorvice versa.
Receiving/Delivery, whichdeliver orreceivegoodsworkin the particular barn doorlineI from/to thetop ofa truckorvice versa.

Pier Service
Services handling of goodsat the particular docks.

Features: Adjust the flow of goods from the dock.

Storage Services

Services accumulation of goods from the warehouse until removed from the accumulation being loaded or delivered to the proprietor.

Determinethe accumulation ofspace.
Regulate making use and order of stacking living space.
Menenliti truth ofthepiecesize, conditionandtype ofpackagingof good sin / outto and fromthe deposition and size ofunloadingthe goodsare unloaded.
Collectandreceiverentsand theaccumulation ofmoneyin agreement withthe applicabledock.